Often due to budget requirements or company policy, the texts are translated internally. If the translator is not a native speaker, unfortunately, the result is not always the best. The text may contain gross errors, may not be effective for its purposes or may not be appropriate for the situation or the recipient.
For this it is important that it be reviewed by a native speaker who evaluates it professionally and makes all necessary changes. The result will be a text written by you, with all the necessary precautions to make it smooth, functional and suitable for the context.
Even the texts written in Italian can be reviewed. From a simple email to internal company communication, from an official presentation to a brochure. We will check together the general structure, the style, the coherence, the clarity of exposure.
How does it work?
It starts with a general evaluation of the text: the content, the length, the complexity, the language used. On the basis of these variables I formulate a quote – completely free – and define delivery times. I can respond to urgent requests, which are subject to a 30% surcharge, or send you the revised texts at staggered deadlines. Whatever your requirement, we will find a solution together.
How much does it cost?
Starting from a base of € 0.05 per word (€ 0.03 per word in the case of Italian texts), which includes the revision by mother tongue translators professionals. Depending on the difficulty of the text and its level of specificity, the cost per word may vary. Along with the review you will receive an explanation of the main changes, the terms used and any inconsistencies found during the review.
And then?
I not abandon you with the review in hand! After delivery of the text, I remain available for a week for any doubts, clarifications and changes. At the end of the month I will send you an invoice with a summary of the work done. The payment is 30 days, but for large jobs to new customers I reserve the right to request a deposit.
You can send me your texts – complete or partial – for a free quote to carlotta.borelli12@gmail.com or contact me via the form.