A recent graduate who comes to the world of translations.
A novice translator who does not know the tools of the trade.
An expert translator who wants to specialize.
The motivations that lead us to follow a training course are many and different. Finding the most suitable course for us is important, to avoid wasting time and money in courses that are superficial or far from our needs.
What I offer?
I have been working for many years as a translator, I have specialized myself and I follow every year update courses. I am a professor of seminars at university and I support students on their training path.
What I offer is an initial training course, designed for novice translators and tailor-made for you. Together we will decide the duration of the course and the various topics to be discussed based on your knowledge and what you want to learn. For example, we could talk about the figure of the translator, how it fits into the world of work, the “life cycle” of a translation, customer research, tariffs, tax and legal aspects and CAT tools. If you are interested, this is the page for you.
I also organize courses for already started translators who are looking for a specialization. You will find specific courses for medical and pharmaceutical translation, editorial translation, communication and SEO, legal translation and much more. Choose from the drop-down menu the course that is right for you to get all the information.
How much does it cost?
The strength of the training courses you will find on this site is flexibility. I organize courses in the presence, for those who do not renounce to the “social” aspect of frontal lessons, online courses, for those who are far away or for those who want to study comfortably from home, and in podcast format, to listen to lessons while walking or in the car while going to work. The cost varies depending on the mode, duration, number of lessons.
And then?
You will have access to all materials and lessons for a period of three months, during which I remain available for any doubt, clarification and question on the contents of lessons. In the case of courses in attendance and online you will be able to compare and communicate with other students to create a network of contacts of colleagues, always useful for freelance!
You can contact me by mail or through the form to get information on upcoming courses. In the meantime, we stay in touch via the blog or Facebook page.